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This project is the upgrade from the JIRA Hudson Integration project, with the goal of fixing all the enterprise issues that that project was plagued by.

The main new implementation direction is the background caching of data in Jira. The add-on for Jenkins (and Hudson) can be installed to improve the time it takes a build to end up in the cache, but is not required for the operation of the Jira add-on.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy:

  1. Install the Jira add-on (Jenkins Integration for Jira) using the Universal Plugin Manager. Alternately install the add-on by downloading it and install it using the upload feature of the Universal Plugin Manager
  2. Optionally, but recommended, download and Install the Jenkins Plugin (Jira Integration for Jenkins) via the plugin upload feature.
  3. Navigate to the Jenkins Configuration page in Jira to add your first Jenkins or Hudson Site.
  4. Wait for the jobs to be synchronized, and enable the jobs of which you want the builds to be synchronized.

See the Release Notes page for the full download archive links for the Jira and Jenkins plugins.

Features included in the Jira add-on

All Jira features are limited to Software Projects.

Features included in the Jenkins add-on

It is not required, but also installing the Jenkins add-on will improve the usability of the integration, and will reduce the hourly synchronization cycle load on Jira Software Server.