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Below are instructions on installing the latests version of the Marvelution Crowd Password Encoders plugin on an existing Atlassian Crowd instance.

In summary you will have to do the following:

  1. Shutdown the Crowd server
  2. Install the plugin library
  3. Start the Crowd server

On this page:

Preparation: READ

Step 1: Download the new version of the plugin

You can download you copy of the plugin from the Repository Directory.

Step 2: Shutdown the Crowd server

Shutdown the Crowd server.

This will cause all the applications that are configured to authenticate using Crowd to not be able to authenticate any requests. Because of this it would be a better option to also shutdown any application that is configured to use Crowd for Authentication and Authorization.

Step 3: Install the plugin

Install the plugin library marvelution-crowd-passwd-encoders-[VERSION].jar in {CROWD_HOME}/plugins

Step 4: Start the Crowd server

Start the Crowd Server, and keep an eye on the startup log file(s) to identify any issues with Crowd itself or the installation of the plugin.

Also startup any applications that you have shutdown to prevent authentication and authorization issues