Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira

Free while in beta

The add-on is free during the beta period. After the add-on moves out of beta a valid license will be required to keep using it.

Support for Jira Server and Data Center is under development

This add-on is launching with support for Jira Cloud, but Jira Server and Data Center are hot on its heels with development and testing already underway.

Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira is an extension add-on to Jenkins Integration for Jira add-on that brings rules based automation. This will allow you to automate parts of your development workflow.

Example Use Case

Some builds get more eyes on them than others, but builds that are not successful should generally be looked at to determine if actions are needed. Automatically creating an issue can make sure that all unsuccessful builds get eyes on them.

The Rule

After you installed the add-ons, you are ready to configure your first Rule.

  1. From the top navigation in Jira, choose Gear Icon > Applications.

  2. Choose Jenkins Integration > Automation and click on the Add Rule button.
  3. Specify a meaningful name, like Create issue for failing builds.
  4. Select Build Synchronized as the event that triggers the rule and click Add.
  5. Select Create Issue action and click Add.
  6. Select the project to create the issue in.
  7. Select the issue type off the to be created issue.
  8. Specify the summary of the issue

    Build [[build.displayName]] was not successful
  9. Optionally specify a description with additional event data

    Build [[build.displayName]] resulted in [[build.result]], go forth and fix please.
  10. Next we need to make the action conditional by adding the Build with Result condition. To do this, click on more options button ... to add a condition.
  11. Select the Build with Result condition and click on add.
  12. Select worse than as the operand.
  13. Select success as the expected build result.
  14. You should have a rule that looks similar to the one in screenshot below.
  15. Finally click on Save to store the rule and activate it.

What's Next?

If you haven't installed the add-on yet, then start with the Quick Start Guide
TL;DR: 1 Setup Jenkins Integration for Jira, 2 install Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira, 3 Configure Rule(s), 4 Enjoin Automation.

Otherwise, head over to the Concepts section fo the documentation to get an overview on how rules are builds and what options there are.