2018 - Q2

Configuration and Management of Jenkins Sites and Jobs

This release brings the configuration and management features, as described in Jenkins Configuration, to Jira Software Cloud.

Infrastructure for hosting the add-on and synchronizing Site, Job and Build data from configured Jenkins Sites

Most of the effort in this initial release went into designing and implementing an auto-scalable environment to support the add-on.

CI Builds Panel for displaying links between an Jira Issue and Jenkins Builds

This release brings the CI Build Panels to Jira Software Cloud.

Added support for two additional ports for Jenkins sites

This release brings support for ports 8080 and 8443 in addition to 80 and 443 for synchronization addresses of Jenkins sites.

Management of Jobs and there Builds

This release brings additional management features to give more control over jobs and there builds.

Infrastructure Updates to Improve Security

Changes have been put in place to improve the security of loading secure configuration.

System Error Page

This release brings the System Errors page that allows administrators to view and possibly act on errors effecting there Jenkins Integration.