2018 - Q3

View Builds in the Issue Development Status Panel.

This version adds a new panel that is displayed under the development status panel on the right hand side of the issue view page (or boards).

Improved Error Messages When Adding a Site.

Improved the error messages when adding a site that is not accessible by the add-on.

Use User Time Zone provided by Jira Cloud.

Previously UTC was used to format dates displayed in the UI of the add-on, starting this version, the time zone provided by Jira Software Cloud will be used to format dates in the time zone of the user.

Updated UI Style

Updated the add-on to use a newer, current version of the Atlassian UI styles.

Build Synchronization Optimalizations.

Synchronization of builds is now a bit smarter. For starters, when version 3.2.0 of the Jira Integration for Jenkins add-on is installed, only the completed build gets synchronized. Second, then a Job gets synchronized, only the unknown builds will be synchronized.

Infrastructure Updates to Improve Security and Stability

Continued efforts to improve the security of loading secure configuration and the overall stability of the add-on.