2019 - Q2

Use tree parameter to limit data requests to Jenkins

Updates have been made to the integration to now use the tree  parameter of Jenkins in the API invocations to limit the data set returned and thus the load on Jenkins.

Support Jenkins Sites Behind a Firewall

This requires the installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.6.0

Finally Jenkins sites behind a Firewall get some love. The cloud app will no longer be required to access Jenkins, but will instead wait for trigger events containing data from Jenkins. Version 3.6.0 of the Jira Integration for Jenkins add-on needs to be installed on Jenkins so that Jenkins will push all required data to the app whenever a Job is created, update, moved or renamed, as well as built.

Infrastructure Updates to Improve Security and Stability

Continued efforts to improve the security of loading secure configuration and the overall stability of the app.