2019 - Q4

Integration in the Development Panel for deployment information

This requires the installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.8.0

Builds marked as a 'deployment build', see Deployment Build Marker, will now also be submitted to Jira as deployment, see Development Panel Integration.

Improved performance of the site management pages

Installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.8.0 is required for private Jenkins.

Load times of the site management pages are improved. It's now easier and faster to locate and manage jobs on a site.

New bulk job operations.

This release adds new operations to enable and disable jobs in bulk.

Help links in the administration section

This release adds help links to the pages in the administration section to quickly just over to the documentation for contextual help.

Infrastructure Updates to Improve Security and Stability

Continued efforts to improve the security of loading secure configuration and the overall stability of the app.